#TBT Tractor Tractor | Instagram feature 2014

Over the last fortnight I have been featuring photos from my 2006 trip across Kenya together with the Dutch adventurer Manon Ossevoort – Check them a out here

Manon’s blogpost from 2007 about our journey can be found here

A typical bush-camp during our trip

A typical bush-camp during our trip


A bit of history about this trip:

I was in East Africa for a total of seven weeks to undertake various tasks and jobs; guide clients up Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro and to catch up with a local photo-journalist/mountain-guide named Nicholas who was working on a documentary about sustainable farming in Kenya. Almost everything went as planned however, one of my trips up Mt Kenya got cut short and another one got cancelled which, left me with a 12day gap in my schedule, which clearly needed to be filled by something exciting.

The 2nd night of my ‘leave’ I checked in to a place in Karen a short drive outside of Nairobi which is renowned for attracting a lot of overland adventurers on their way across the continent – my plan was to hitch a ride with someone either towards the coast or further inland around Lake Victoria towards the border to Uganda and in return document their voyage through my lens

I spoke to a few people but it was Manon’s project that really caught my attention; imagine traveling alone (as a woman) from The Netherlands all the way to Cape Town – not by plane, not by boat but on a 30 year old green tractor with a maximum speed of 18mph, downhill


A typical bush-camp during our trip

A typical bush-camp during our trip

It did not take a lot of persuading before she agreed to let me join her and her DOG ‘Kosovo’ for the next ten days on her journey across Kenya, only problem; the tractor only had room for one person so it would take a bit of modification in order to make room for me and my duffle bag – we found a local workshop who (after a bit of wondering) agreed to, basically, saw off the entire roof-structure and to re-enforce the structure of the wheel arch to make room for me – it worked and off we were.


The Trusty Tractor

The Trusty Tractor

Over the next ten days we passed through three National Parks, more than fifteen local villages, visited two schools and slept rough every single night (Which, by the way the rangers warned us against due to the dense population of wildlife such as lions, cheetahs, elephants and not least water buffalos)


Traveling like this in unknown terrain taught me a lot about life and in particular about the decisions and priorities we make in our daily lives.


Yours Truly back in 2006

Yours Truly back in 2006

Lunch time

Lunch time

The reason for me writing this post today is not accidental, in fact I have been wanting to write it for a while, so when I read an article about Manon the other day I decided it was about time; Manon made it to Cape Town in October 2008 and her initial plan was to continue all the way to the South Pole (also known as the end of the World) which, unfortunately did not materialize due to financial reasons back then but….. Now she is back and she is currently on her way to replicate the feat, previously accomplished by the late Sir Edmund Hilary


Coffee Break #120(ish)

Coffee Break #120(ish)

Above are a few of my photos from our journey – remember also to check out the photos on Instagram here and lastly check out Manon’s webpage which is packed with information about this monster of an adventure which is now well underway to the Southpole



Thanks for reading




technical info: All images are shot either on Nikon F100 loaded with Fuji Provia 100F or on Canon 1D MK2


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